The lobster is coming!

Hello everyone, I hope you are staying safe and well?

I’m pleased to say that the full version of Desert Island Risks is getting ever closer! We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions – we know this can be tricky with just the demo to view but do let us know about your learning needs and preferences to inform future planning and products!

Wishing you all the best.

Forward thinking….

I’d like to ‘float’ the idea of Health and Social Care questions for a future version of Desert Island Risks. Dedicated carers in these professions are currently in every news headline, this has not previously been the case. I know from personal experience the immense value of their skills, dedication and humanity.

If anyone in the care community would be interested in contributing ideas to Desert Island Risks we’d be very appreciative.

H&SC would be married-up with Maths, English, Safeguarding, Digital skills/ICT subjects as for learners in all settings.

Work based learning – carry on at a distance!

Thinking about learners past, present and future during the Coronavirus epidemic.

Training providers in every sector pull out all the stops to support learners – particularly when times are tough.

We also understand that employers are under pressure in these very difficult times; we’d love to hear from interested parties with suggestions and feedback. Please use the Contact Us page for this purpose.

Any feedback is welcome.